Passing the driving test enables you to finally
drive on your own!  But the learning process
doesn’t stop there; so far you will simply not
have had the time to cover everything involved
with modern-day driving.  So, obtaining your
full driving licence is just the end of the
beginning, and there is plenty of learning still to do.  

Buying your own car will give you the independence you have been working towards, but the cost of insurance is sometimes prohibitive.  The reason for this is that insurance companies take note of the statistics, which show that one in five newly qualified drivers have a crash within the first six months of passing the test (irrespective of age). This is caused simply by a lack of experience, and that is where Pass Plus can help.

Pass Plus is a road safety initiative aimed at improving the skills of novice drivers, developed by the DSA in conjunction with many insurance companies.   By taking a structured course newly qualified drivers gain more driving experience safely, reduce their risks of being involved in a crash, and once completed, many insurance companies will discount their premiums by a greater amount than the course actually costs in the first place!  The Pass Plus can be taken any time within 12 months of passing your test.

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