Hi, my name is Pete Robinson.  I am a DVSA
Approved Driving Instructor (ADI no. 295742).

I started Bsafe2drive to train safe, good drivers.

I not only teach and encourage the right approach and skills to actually drive a car, but more importantly, to drive well and safely at all times in the conditions we meet everyday in growing traffic volumes, constantly changing road and weather conditions and the many traffic laws and regulations we must follow.

My pupils get a good all round knowledge of driving, a confidence in their skills and an awareness of safety aspects from the knowledge gained through professional driving instruction.  They will learn that reaching a good, safe standard and passing the driving test is only the first stage.  Driving is a lifetime activity and every time you get behind the wheel of a car, the approach taken at Bsafe2drive encourages you to continue the learning process through improving safety awareness and refining driving skills.

Costs play a big part in learning to drive and in the number of lessons one can afford. When you feel that you are ready for a test, in the end, before you can set out on your own, it all depends on being safe on the road not only for you but all other road users and pedestrians.

The pass rate at the Plymouth Test Centre is around 42%. This looks, and possibly is, low but there are pupils who insist on taking their test when they are not ready.  As a parent myself, I wish and insist that my children are safe on the road.  If you are ready to take a test and can show the examiner that you can drive safely and competently, you should pass, no matter what the pass rate is.
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